Professor Interview Questions

Digital Media Skills

I’d like to interview Kristin Shaw, the professor of my CA224 Digital Media Skills course, in regards to her involvement in the student based media at Park – the radio station, the newscast, the magazine, and specifically the paper.

  • Are you the sole professor that advises all four outlets of student media at Park?
    • If not, who else is an adviser and what are their backgrounds and roles?
  • My own experience started with my high school newspaper as a writer and evolved into print layout. Can you explain the way the Park student paper is set up to me?
    • Is involvement in the student paper counted as a course for credit, a volunteer position, a paid job, or some other way?
    • Do students that write for the paper have to know how to also layout and set the paper up for print?
    • If not, do you cross recruit to graphic design majors for layout?
  • I also have interest in web development. Do any of the student media outlets also publish online?
    • If so, where are they published?
    • Are there separate students responsible for the digital content and the physical content?
      • If so, do you cross recruit to computer science majors for digital publishing and website maintenance?
  • I’ve always enjoyed my own participation in student media, but after I graduate, the next step for me would clearly be into a very different role. How does one become an adviser for a university paper?
    • Do you have to have a journalism background, a design background, or experience with both?
    • Can you explain your background and how it pertains to being a student media adviser?
    • Is your own involvement considered instructing a course, an additional job duty, a separately paid position, or on a volunteer basis?
  • What are some of your favorite things about advising student media?
  • What drew you to becoming an instructor as a career?
  • Do you have any advise for me in utilizing my graphic design skills in combination with my interdisciplinary work in marketing and sociology to involve myself in student media somehow beyond my time in college?


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