Interdisciplinary Studies Capstone

Interdisciplinary Studies, Paper

An Interdisciplinary Analysis of Meme Marketing


The use of viral images as a sociological construct derived from shared experiences and the marketability of those experiences in advertising has great potential. Instead of thinking of memes as something to be studied in and of themselves, systems thinking offers you the possibility of thinking about them as the results of intersecting systems. Can viral digital media be used to target groups of people of specific markets? Who is most engaged by viral digital media and what are the most effective ways to create engaging viral media? Can I focus specifically on the “Loss” format meme, it’s cultural significance, the postmodernism language games it utilizes, and the active use by marketers? Can specific forms of viral media be used to advertise to target audiences through the use of postmodern language games utilizing shared experiences among groups of people? I answer these questions and more in this interdisciplinary analysis of viral media marketing, specifically relating to the “Loss” format meme.

Low Employment Rate of Military Spouses


Military spouses are disproportionately underrepresented in the workforce due to many factors, including frequent moves, education transfer issues, occupational licensing restrictions, and more. When employed, military spouses have to deal with the military member’s unpredictable hours as well as possible deployments, and, on average, earn 26.8 percent less in wage and salary income than their non-military spouse peers. (The Council of Economic Advisers, 2018).

MeUndies; A Social Media Marketing Evaluation


Subscription Underwear

MeUndies Inc., founded in 2011, claim to sell “the world’s most comfortable underwear,” and consumers seem to agree. Boasting free shipping and returns as well as a 90-day money back guarantee, the company aims to take over your underwear drawer with their hallmark 92% MicroModal®/8% elastane products for both men and women.

Social Media Marketing



Social media marketing is a booming opportunity for businesses and individuals of all varieties to spread the message about their products and services. In this paper, I will break down the different social media platforms, their target demographics, their primary purpose, what each platform is best used for and the possible downsides to each platform.

Marketing Plan Report: Cheep Development


1. Executive Summary

Cheep Development, LLC is a technology service business currently operating in Titusville, Florida, owned by Jessica Galloway and operated by Troy Galloway. We offer graphic design services, website creation and maintenance, and custom apps and software for a variety of customers across the United States. CD has been in operation since 2006 and registered as a Limited Liability Corporation in 2018. We hope to expand our offerings to establish ourselves as completely self-employed individuals.

Our current customers are very satisfied with our work and often return for future projects or continued maintenance of something we provided before. Competitors are great in number, but we feel our unique skillsets will attract new customers to our dedication to “hatching dreams into reality.”