Image Appendix for Interdisciplinary Capstone

Interdisciplinary Studies

Surprised Pikachu Meme Format

Steven Crowder’s “Change My Mind” Campus Sign Meme Format

The Most Interesting Man in the World Meme Format

Retrowave Text Generator Image Macro

Original “Loss” Comic

“Loss” Meme Format

Lost – Modified original comic
Loss made of Loss – Modified original comic
Political Commentary
Political Commentary
Educational Material
Promotional Material
Promotional Material
Is this moss? – Rhyme
Play on the word loss
Shark and Jellyfish – Pattern Replication
Future Meme – Pattern Replication
Abstract Lines – Pattern Replication
Text based representations of the design
Text based representations of the design
“Loss” meme inside “Expanding Brain” meme

“Loss” as Postmodernism Language Games

Tumblr thread referencing the abstract lines “Loss” edit that inspired the postmodernist language games perspective of this paper.

“Loss” in Real Life Marketing

Actual Facebook post from Western Digital Phillipines replicating the comic design pattern, as well as a play on the word loss.

Other Memes in Real Life Marketing

Screencap of sponsored mobile advertisment on Facebook using “Woman Yelling at a Cat” meme format.

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