The Infinite Mushroom Comic and Game Shop

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The city of Titusville, Florida has a rich history dating back to the beginnings of the space program thanks to its proximity to Kennedy Space Center and continues its roots in all things space through the rocket launches that still take place today. Titusville is a quiet town that takes great pride in their roots, traditions, and a bevy of local businesses. Some of this pride is best represented with the development of the Historic Downtown Area. One business that calls downtown home is The Infinite Mushroom Comic and Game Shop and the owner Rick Schreiber is happy to run your local comic book and game store.  

Some of the events hosted at the store include:

The shop has a large collection of comic books that include an abundance of back issues from multiple publishers, as well as new releases and collectible books that introduce some of the most popular characters in comic book history. The first appearances of popular characters are often highly sought after and Rick has a great selection to offer his loyal customers. In addition to regular comic sales, he also offers subscription services to new comics, a variety of accessories to keep and collect your favorites, trade paperback formats of popular series collections to catch up with your favorite story lines, as well as other collectible merchandise, games, and books, to include graphic novels, Dungeons & Dragons handbooks, and art collections from multiple fandoms.

The Infinite Mushroom has a huge selection of popular Magic the Gathering cards for every play style. Whether you’re opening brand new packs to get your hands on the newest cards, looking to put together a competitive modern deck, or try your hand at piecing together a homebrew commander deck, you’ll find all the cards you’ll need and more. With active players taking part in weekly Standard, Commander and Draft events, you’ll surely find a format that speaks to you and be shuffling your cards to match up against a dedicated collection of patrons of this local game store in no time. Bring a friend or meet new people at Friday Night Magic, or swing by to help support the new Pioneer format Rick plans to introduce soon.

With such a great variety of comics, cards, and collectibles, the Infinite Mushroom Comic and Game Shop is a must visit stop while you’re in downtown Titusville. Grab a chair and browse through the comics, roll up a new roleplay character, or try your hand at a popular trading card game. This is a store that your inner child is sure to fall in love with and we’d love to have you keep coming back for more.

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